Senioritis: THE MUSICAL

Senioritis is a "hilarious and irreverent"* rock musical written by diminutive Emmy award -winning writer Joe Janes (Second City, Our Christian Nation) and monstrously tall writer/composer Pete Ficht (Wild Bells, House Levelers). The show is based on the actual true story (really!) of a group of good kids from a good school doing some very bad things. Set in the Pacific Northwest of the late 1990s, the original score features thirteen "melodic and catchy"** songs to be performed by a live band.

These acoustic demos were recorded to accompany the script and as the first step to recording full band versions. We were lucky enough to get some of the best singers in Portland to help us out: Ezra Holbrook, Rachel Coddington, Redray Frazier, Ellen Louise Osborn, Little Sue, David Ricardo and Stan Hall, Lucynda Beth Thompson, Steve Wilkinson and Ned Folkerth.

READ the synopsis and lyrics while listening to the demos.

DOWNLOAD the full script, the synopsis, and the lyrics.

LISTEN to the demos below. Like literally right there, look. They're also on Soundcloud, don't you know.

Book by Joe Janes & Pete Ficht.
Lyrics & music by Pete Ficht. 
Except "La-La-La-Litigious" and "Let’s Move On", lyrics by Joe Janes & Pete Ficht and "Fresh Cup of Coffee", lyrics by Joe Janes.

Acoustic guitar and Pete's vocals recorded at Studio 7 by Rich Carlton in Madras, Ore.
All other vocals recorded at A.M. Studio by Jeff Porter in Portland, Ore.
Produced and mixed by Pete Ficht.

JACK: Ezra Holbrook
JENNY / ARLENE: Rachel Coddington
"FUCK DUDE" / SALLY: Ellen Louise Osborn
LAWRENCE: Redray Frazier
ALEX: David Ricardo
PRINCIPAL HUNT: Lucynda Beth Thompson
TAGGERT: Steve Wilkinson
LOIS / MARNIE: Little Sue
MR. IMMEL / GIL: Ned Folkerth

Acoustic guitar played by Pete Ficht

*We made that up.

** That, too. But they are!